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Payroll Q&A:

A: To set up or change your direct deposit elections, follow this link: Direct Deposit Form and complete the electronic form. It will automatically route to Payroll for entry.

A: The University of Alaska is on a 2-week payroll delay, meaning your first check will be sent to you roughly on the 4th Friday of your employment. Checks are either sent through the US Postal Service to the address you can double check in UA Online (which can take a few days to arrive) or through direct deposit. If you were expecting a check that did not arrive, please reach out to our office at Ten business days after a check was issued, we can request that the check be stopped and re-issued, but there is a small fee that is associated with doing so.

A: For benefitted employees, time worked on the holiday is paid as time-and-a-half. Please claim it under the code labeled, ‘Holiday Worked Premium’ if you see that you have holiday pay already listed on your timesheet. If you do not have holiday pay already listed on your timesheet, you can claim the hours you worked under your normal earnings code.

A: Because the University of Alaska only recognizes overtime as regular hours worked beyond 40 hours / week, for benefited staff the hours you worked on the holiday do not count toward your overtime accrual. Please calculate your overtime only based on the regular hours you worked during the pay-cycle.

A: The university follows the federal guidelines for overtime rather than the state guidelines. This means the university calculates overtime only after 40 hours of regular pay has been claimed. This means that overtime does not include hours worked on a holiday for benefitted staff. It also means that overtime claimed on the fiscal year roll over will calculate at the end of the pay-cycle, even if it was claimed near the beginning.

A: If you are being paid at a flat rate or are salaried, there is nothing for you to do. If you are hourly, you will need to complete a timesheet in order to get paid. Please claim earnings code 147 (Teaching hourly). This is the only code that will generate pay for temporary faculty – whether they teach or not.

A: If you forgot to submit your timesheet, please reach out to your supervisor, who may be able to either return it to you or submit it for you. If they are not able to do so, please reach out to us at so that we can create a manual timesheet for you. If it is past close of business on the Wednesday following the timesheet submission deadline, please know that your pay may be late in coming to you.

A: All supervisors should have at least two proxies set up in UA Online. If you are unable to fulfill your obligation to approve timesheets, please notify both our department and your proxy so that your employee’s timesheets can still be approved.

  • A: If you need help correcting a timesheet error, please take a screenshot of the error and send it to us at so that we can help you get it corrected.