GI Human Resources


Selecting a Visa:

To help you determine which visa path is the right one for your needs, please review this quick guide. Once you have determined the type of visa you want to pursue, please review this document: Visa Information to make sure that you and your applicant are able to meet all of the requirements of the visa.

Starting the Process:

Once you are sure that all the criteria for a visa are able to be met (including the minimum lead-time for the request), please reach out to us at in order to start the process.

What You Can Expect:

Visa applications require us to gather a large amount of information – all of which must be complete before the process can start. Once we receive your request to start a visa process, we will reach out to both you and the intended recipient of the visa to gather the required documents, information, and signatures. The more quickly we get everything we need, the faster we can get the application started.

As a part of the application process, an Export Control Form will need to be completed. If you have questions about a specific term used on the form, please review this clarification document.

Additional documents required may include (but are not limited to):

  • A beneficiary information form
  • An authorization form
  • Copies of the applicant’s passport
  • Proof of funding or support for their stay
  • The applicant’s CV or resume
  • Copies of all the applicant’s previous visas and I-94s
  • Copies of the applicant’s diplomas and a certified English translation (if required)
  • J-1 Student Intern Advisor Form (if required)

If you are financially supporting your visitor, you will need to go through the hiring process at the same time that the visa application is being drafted.

Once Your Visitor Arrives:

Your visitor will need to check in with the International Student and Scholar Services Office and the GI HR Office. For their meeting with our office, they will need to bring their passport, I-94, and their relevant immigration documents. They will also need to bring a completed GLACIER Tax Summary report, and remember to renew that report any time they leave the country and return, or every year.